Executive Committee Members

  • Dr. Jaepyeong Cha (George Washington University – Children’s National Hospital), President email: nobbel at gmail
  • Dr. Yungjun Yoo  (Thorlabs), Vice President 1 email:
  • Dr. Wonseok Hwang (University of Maryland College Park), Vice President 2 & NMSC director email: whwang.umd at gmail
  • Dr. Tae-In Kam (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine), Financial Director email:
  • Dr. Donghun Park (Lab. for Physical Sciences/3DFlexible), President2019 & Advisor email: park.donghun at gmail
  • Dr. Pilgyu Kang (George Mason University), President2020 & Advisor email: pkang7  at gmu dot edu
  • Dr. Kiyong Kim (Univ. of MD), Advisor email: kykim at umd dot edu
  • Dr. Sang M. Chung (Food and Drug Administration), Advisor
  • Dr. Namcheol Kim (United States Pharmacopeial Convention), Advisor  email: nck4ksea at gmail
  • Ms. Jiwon Yu (University of Maryland College Park/Yonsei University), Interim KSEA events organizer email: jiwonyu0212 at gmail
  • Dr. Youngsul Jeong (United States Patent and Trademark Office), Advisor


Regional/Institutional Coordinator Contacts

  • Army Research Lab: Dr. Jihun Choi
  • University of Maryland College Park: Dr. Wonseok Hwang
  • George Washington University: Dr. Jaepyeong Cha
  • George Mason University: Dr. Pilgyu Kang
  • FDA: Dr. Sangmok Chung
  • USDA:
  • NIST: Dr. Jungyup Woo
  • USP: Dr. Namcheol Kim
  • NIH-KSA: Dr. Kyung Sang Lee